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It's True we are working on our FM Broadcast with all of our radio personalities
Starting with Deano, Kenny, Cousin Ed, and Hillbilly Roy
Showtime - Everyday all day 24/7 (Pacific Time)

Deano's Western Theatre
Saddle Up Sunday's

The curtain goes up and the tickets are free at Deano's Western Theatre Each Sunday
Have Gun Will Travel - Gunsmoke - Cisco Kid - The Lone Ranger
All Star Western Theatre - Chuck Wagon Jamboree - Checkerboard Time & more.
Old Radio Shows, Old Commercials are for Historic Broadcasts and Enjoyment

Showtime - Sunday @ 12:00 noon to 3:00 pm (Pacific Time)

What's In!
Kenny's Corner

You wanna know whats in Kenny's Corner - Tune In and find out with DJ Kenny
from "San Diego" The birthplace of California USA. Check out what Kenny
can play for you. Tune In and find out whats in Kenny's Corner

Showtime - Monday & Tuesday @ 12:00 noon (Pacific Time)

Cousin Ed
The Slopping Gravy Master

Slop the Gravy with Cousin Ed and the Ya' Hoos for It's three (3) hours of fun
directly from the archives of Cousin Ed Studios in Puyallup WA.
Classics, Currents, Instramentals, Bluegrass, & Comedy in Country Music and more.
Tune in to Cousin Ed for all the fun you can have sloppin gravy every Thursday Night..

Showtime - Thursday Night 9:00 pm to Midnight (Pacific Time)

78 Saturdays
Every Saturday!

From our special in house programming through all day you get to hear
all the great 78 RPM records from our very own archives. Every 78rpm record that
we play on the air has been in house remastered by our very own Recording Masters
Tune in for Our kind of Classic Country Music from the 20's - 50's

Saturday from Authentic 78 rpm records. Tune in 78 Saturdays



Music Promotion at

If you are an Artist we're proud to be a part of Airplay Direct and Music Submit - the best places for your music to be on radio.

We still need your help by letting us know whats missing, especially in our music library.

If there is a Country Classic, Country New and Indie Artist that is not in our music library and our website, please let us know simply by emailing us.

Be Online and in the house with the "Hillbilly" Friday Night's. Check out what happens with The Music Man, Dakotah, The Country Doctorr
Deano, Cousin Ed, Kodiak, Indian Outlaw and everybody else.

Live On-Line
Our Broadcast Channels

Check it out We broadcast at 64kbbs MP3pro stereo at CD Quality Sound keeping the true
analouge stereo sound that fits the music even the 78rpm records.
Remember to POKE-A-TUNE we are over 20,000 songs in our request library.

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